How to Play and Win at Casino Hold'em

Casino Hold'em is a fantastic card game that's actually relatively new compared to other popular online table games, having only been around since the late 90s to early 2000s. Based on the hugely popular poker variant, Texas Hold'em, the game differs in one crucial way: it's a single player game of you versus the dealer! Keen to learn more? Casino Hold'em is easy to learn, with just a few simple rules dictating how the game is played. Whether you're just starting out or you're here to brush up on your skills, you'll find everything you need to know right here about how to play and win at Casino Hold'em. Let's get started!

How to Play Casino Hold’em

You may have seen Texas Hold’em poker played on TV before and thought that it looks a little complicated, especially with so many players involved. If that’s the case, then Casino Hold’em is definitely for you as it’s much simpler to learn, meaning you can start enjoying it sooner!

Casino Hold’em is a bit like Texas Hold’em, but instead of there being multiple players, there’s only you and the dealer, which eliminates most of the betting rounds for a faster and simpler game. In order to understand how the game works, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the table and the bets, which we’ll look at next before taking you through a round of the game step by step.

The Table

A typical Casino Hold’em table is usually in the shape of a semicircle, with the dealer seated at the flat side at the top of your screen, and you, the player, seated at the rounded end at the bottom of your screen. Across the middle of the felt effect table, you’ll also see the name of the game and the qualifying rule for the dealer, which is usually stated as Pair of 4s or Better.

On your side of the table, you’ll see two betting options: Ante and AA or (AA Bonus), which we’ll look at in more detail next. You will also have Call and Fold options too. A selection of chip values will be available to choose your bet size and you may also have a repeat bet button for easier betting.

Ante Bet

The Ante bet option is your initial bet for the main game. In most games, this bet is essential in order to play, though some versions of the game allow you to play only the AA side bet without placing an ante bet. Think of the ante bet as the equivalent of the Big Blind in Texas Hold’em, but since there are no other players besides you and the live casino dealer, that fee must be paid by you on every round.

To place the ante bet, you simply choose how much you want to bet by selecting the chip value and clicking on the Ante spot. You’ll then usually have to click the Deal button to proceed with the round.

AA Side Bet

The AA or AA Bonus spot is a side bet that was added to give players an extra opportunity to win. As such, this bet is not essential for the progression of the round, but you may find it interesting to play nonetheless.

The AA bet basically allows you to place money on the possibility of your hole cards (the two cards dealt to you) and the first three community cards resulting in a pair of Aces or better. While it’s not a necessary part of the main game, this side bet does offer a bit of extra excitement that you might enjoy experimenting with once you’re familiar with the rules.

How to Win Casino Hold’em

ne of the most attractive aspects of playing Casino Hold’em is the fact that you can play a round and win very quickly, especially when you compare it to a round of Texas Hold’em, which may take much longer depending on how many other players are involved. But how do you actually win playing Casino Hold’em?

While it is still possible to play – and win! – the game without this knowledge, it’s in your best interest to learn the different poker hands so you can make a more informed choice when it’s time to Call or Fold. It’s also important to realise that the payouts can vary depending on the value of your winning hand, which is another reason the game is so popular. Let’s take a closer look at the different poker hands before checking out how much you can expect to get back if you win.

Casino Hold’em Strategies

At this point you may be wondering if there’s anything you can do to boost your chances of winning playing Casino Hold’em. While the results of other games are completely dictated by luck, Casino Hold’em is one of those games that involves an element of skill, which means there are a few things you can do to get a bit of an edge!

Let’s take a look at a few approaches you can use, individually or all together, to push the odds slightly more in your favour.


This may be a bit of a boring thing to hear but it’s true. If you want to get better at anything, you need to practise, and the best way to practise Casino Hold’em is to play in demo mode! Almost all online casinos let you play their games for free as a way of exploring without risking your own money, making it the ideal opportunity to perfect your game and practise any strategies you might want to try. Take the time to practise and you will soon be able to spot when a really good hand is likely to come up. Skip this step and you risk losing money from the start!

Bankroll Management

Another boring but true piece of advice is to keep a close eye on your bankroll. Bet too much from the start and your game could be over sooner than you’d like! Always have a set amount you’re going to play with in mind before you start, and try to keep your bets modest. That way the focus is on enjoying the game rather than betting big in an effort to win big. It also means you can play for longer, which will undoubtedly improve your game through practise.

Try a Hand Analysis Tool

If you’re struggling with the different poker hands or you want something concrete to refer to while you’re playing that will basically tell you what your action should be based on your hole cards and the first three community cards, you might want to explore a hand analysis tool. These are based on probabilities and will help you learn which hole cards are worth playing and which are better off being discarded (folded).


Here are some general tips to follow while playing that will boost your chances of winning: